Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inaugural Post...

   Well, here an attempt to keep my creative sanity, I am delving into the world of blogging.  A sea of mothers who offer their insight and witty humor and recipes, here's one more to add to the mix.  Perhaps not as witty...or insightful.  More stumbling through this whole motherhood thing I've plunged into.  Everything was expected to an extent, except for of course how bloody hard this whole thing would be.  Balance.  Always striving for balance.  Trying to salvage in iota of some semblance of my own identity and sanity...while fiercely loving and worrying about this wonderful, pooping, smiling creature that resides with me now.  Trying to maintain these ideals I have of leading a more sustainable existence, simplifying life while adding to this small, beautiful family I have existed with for the last five years, and trying to laugh as much as I can while I stumble through this amazingly difficult, hilarious journey I've been bestowed with.  So here goes...another mom blogger.

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