Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Prayer - April 7, 2013

Dearest Earth Mother,
       Spring comes and goes in the air in the Aleutians, but the rhubarb is coming up, as is the mint and the chives, signaling rebirth once again.  I am grateful for days when the weather is calm enough to take Finn to the beach, and thank you for the wonderfully mild winter we had this year.  It was good for my soul to have walks to Summer's Bay, watching the seals and otters, as well as the sea birds and sparrows flitting about on the dried puchki. 
       My heart is heavy some days when I think too much on the apathy people have towards you, and the hopelessness it seems to begin the healing process in taking care of this wondrous place we live in.  I pray that you give humanity time to become aware of what is really important in life, and send you white healing light to surround you and the diverse creatures and plants who are at the mercy of decisions we make, both globally and individually. 
      I thank you for the grass between my toes, for the rosy finches that Finn loves to watch out the window that join us for lunch most days, for puddles to jump in, and the wind that signifies impermanence in everything, and our continual evolution.  May it be in the right direction to sustain us and our brothers and sisters in the world.

Father of the Heavens,
     I pray that you enter the hearts of humanity and plant the seeds of empathy for your magnificent creation, so that we may take better care of our Mother.  Please make us more thoughtful of the choices we make, and the implications they have on our world around us.  Let us slow down and take time to look at the beauty and find hope in the upcoming Spring season.  Give our leaders wisdom to make the right choices for us as a global community, not just what is best in the short term.  Give us the commitment to make small choices in our every day behavior towards more sustainability, more empathy, and please give me the hope that I can make a difference in the world with my actions.  Help me to make decisions in my parenting that will inspire these beliefs in my son, that he may be part of the generation that saves the world.  Help me to be inspired with what I see in the world, instead of downhearted.
    Thank you for the stars and the moon in the heavens that teach me of the vastness of the universe, as well as the order of it in the ebb and flow of the constellation cycles.  Please let me feel hopeful of the direction we are going, and make me a part of the positive change.

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  1. This is just beautiful Sarah!!