Friday, April 5, 2013

Triumph! CHOPSTICKS!!!

Who ever knew these small wonderful tools would be such a lifesaver...the other night, Reid and I were eating Caribou Red Curry, trying to let Finn eat portions of it on his own by himself, and good pieces of 'bou were going right to Squid...not that she minded in the least!  Reid and I were eating with chopsticks, and I don't know why I thought of it, but I just picked up a piece of meat with the chops, and offered it to Finn, and he thought it was the greatest thing in the world!  He must have eaten three quarters of his meal with chopsticks, it was a miracle.  

Not knowing if it was a fluke, a few days later he was being picky about this beautiful apple omelet I had created for him.  I get discouraged when I put so much effort into making him culinary masterpieces;  where is the appreciation?  I NEED my positive reinforcement, damn it!!  Anyway, I thought of these little gems, and got out the chopsticks...he immediately smiled and giggled, and ate the entire plate...the rays of sunshine came shining through the clouds, the angel choirs started.  

I try not to use them too often, more like, when we need to go soon and don't have a lot of time and he decides then to experiment a little more with gravity and texture.  I love letting him get messy and experimenting, don't get me wrong.  I also like when he eats.  I know that this year eating habits will fluctuate, and not to worry, but man, I fell in love with two little pieces of wood the other day, and stuck that little gem of a tool in my tool chest!

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