Saturday, April 19, 2014

Finn Day Number Two...

Dear baby Lionheart…geez.  The time really does fly.  You can now say, “I love you, Mama,” and I don’t think I’ll ever get over the feeling that overwhelms me when I hear it.  My heart is so full.  You try to wink, but can only get your right eye to shut part way just now, and the result is this beautifully crooked smile.  You like to cheers every drink you have with someone.  At museums, you walk around with your hands clasped behind your back, it makes you look like this teeny intellectual.  You like all kinds of kisses: butterfly, Eskimo, cheek pinching, fishy kisses.  You seem to be sensitive to when others are upset, I’ve seen you on more than one occasion go up to someone who was crying, take their hand, and lead them to some activity, the piano, the play kitchen, and try to engage them in some play.  A lady at church, who you led to the piano, found this very noteworthy and made a point to find who the mother of this child was to tell her of this, and of her gratitude for your sweet energy.

I pray for you to grow up to find your true, authentic voice in this world.  To find what makes you passionate about life.  To see the sacredness in all living things that we share this amazing home with for such a short time.  To think through the bullshit that swirls around us much of the time, and to find the truth that lies hidden close by.  To know how loved you are.

For your second anniversary of this life…we had a small winter celebration.  A winter picnic with soup, sledding and cupcakes with a few friends.  We explored the snowy forest and found an amazing tree fort tucked away…we listened to chickadees and redpolls, and threw snowballs, and took sledrides through Creamer’s Field, one of Mom’s favorite places in the Interior.  Daddy came up for the weekend, and it was a perfect, lovely celebration.  Happy birthday, Finn.  I love you.